Interlude: Joice – How I Got Married

Joice –

Hello!! Missed me guys? I suppose this motherhood thing is soonish turning me into a hermit. But ask me and I would slap my chest and proudly say it’s all worth it. My answer won’t change: Anything for my girl really!

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have any fun at all. I still go out of the house, but not as much as I used to. The chief thing I learnt about this whole parenting episode is that life’s about balance. You know, between your own needs and that of your child. It takes a while to adjust, naturally, but you’ll get there. Trust me.


Oh Gia said hi btw! (And I should totally warn her not to call me aunt. She’s making me sound old!) Never in a million years would I imagine hanging out with that side of the family. But that girl’s pretty cool me thinks. Just her misfortune having a mama like that.


And so did Fiona! I know I haven’t introduced her formally to you guys yet, so I shall try. She’s actually my new neighbour, can you believe it? Honestly, I met her way before but I had no idea she lived just opposite me.


I mean, excuse me looking like a (small) whale here. I was carrying my first child.


If I were to describe her in 3 words… She’s cool, she’s fun and she’s a little crazy (in a good way of course!) She doesn’t bat an eyelid when I suggest doing wild things like this together. She’s an amazing girl really. Glad to have her as a friend. 😉

Oh, and if you noticed already, I removed like 90% of my old tattoos. Time had come when I realised they were too juvenile for me now, as a mom. (And I had a few naughty ones that I couldn’t imagine my child seeing it. It used to be cool when I was 16 but now?) Zelda (that’s her name, btw!) is growing up fast and I had to think about her. Like you know, what would her classmates, and their parents think when they saw me? Certainly not as the mom-you-should-stay-the-hell-away-from. Children these days can be a real bitch if they wanna.


But hold back your pitchforks… Because I had gotten new tattoos to replace! I still love tattooing, I will always do, just that I wished to keep them tasteful. Balance, remember? 😛

I can’t believe I had uttered so much crap even before getting to the real topic. That’s what interference with my update schedule could do to me. It made me crappier than usual when I finally find the time to update this blog. Anyway, before you guys start accusing me of click baiting…




I’m welcoming child #2…



I’m sure you guys remember Joaquin right? (Lotsa love to you if you do!) It’s incredible how I got married to this guy I playfully referred to as a Dork all these while. 😛

To cut a very long story short, it took me a plumhead to realise the person that truly loved me was by my side all along. I mean, sometimes you don’t notice that nice guy that was secretly harbouring feelings for you all along because you’re so head over heels and distracted by the badass that was just not right. That happened to me. So girls, here’s a friendly piece of advice: stop falling for bad guys. They are not worth it.

For me I couldn’t be more thankful meeting Joaquin all these years ago.


And if I were to confess, it took me quite sometime to grow a pair and confess to him. You know, despite what you think of me, I’m actually quite a reserved person. *cue coughing sounds* I mean, I already gave birth to Zelda and I couldn’t be sure Joaquin would definitely accept my child… I mean, how many dudes would volunteer becoming someone else’s stepdad? And I wanted to be sure Zelda liked him too, because

But anyway, it seemed I was just worrying for nothing all along. 🙂






I think I’m really starting to go off tangent here so I guess I shall end this post. One last bit of advice before I go: start paying attention to that shy guy/girl that you know was looking at you all along. It’s definitely worth it. 😉

And to my hubby, if you’re reading this, ILY!

– Joice xoxo


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