4.3. She’s just not right for you

Lance –

It had been a while since Penny moved in.


We were still passionate of course. Like our favourite place is the closet. It was not as if our relationship is losing spark anytime soon. Which was good I guess?


But I was just a bit, umm, concerned that Penny seemed more interested in Simstagramming than anything. Like you know, keeping up with the virtual Joneses? It’s not as if I’m bothered that she kept posting those selfies she took in our apartment, and outside, like announcing to the entire freaking world that “Hey guys look! It’s the 888 Spire Apartments I’m at!!!” Or those gifts I bought her, must she really post 101 pictures of them in all angles, making sure to capture the logo big and clear in every photo? Or even sharing shots of her getting out of the car, MY car?!

Plum! Was I nothing but a conquest?


As a boyfriend, supposedly I should embrace her interest or something. Like shouldn’t I already know that she made her living off social media? I mean, that was how I found her. But I couldn’t help but wonder was it me that she truly fancied? Or was it because of the fact I’m a Moonglow? It was not as if I don’t know how rich we were. Back in the days of my great grandmama when she reigned supreme as the CEO of Simbook, and my grandpa the world renowned artist. Also not forgetting mama and her billion dollar divorce settlements. I know I should be more optimistic about our relationship, but after living with a mama like that, it gets to me sometimes that the girl you fancied all along was just after your money.


I really wanted to be proven wrong but Penny was starting to show such tendencies. Or why would she want to whore me out to her followers. You know why would she want to share so many selfies of us on her Simstagram? Suggestive ones even. Like why must she announce to the entire world? I couldn’t unsee the hidden “Hey look! I’m dating a Moonglow! Be jealous!” message underneath. I mean, those “oh I reallllly envy your life, gurl” comments left by her followers don’t mean nothing right? Was that what she was after? A thousand thoughts boggled my head.


And even Lincoln told me he was appalled by her latest stunt. I could totally see why when he whipped out his phone to show me her latest prank video. I was dumbfounded the second I saw it. “I’m Engaged!!” Why the plum did she title her video that, from all the titles and pranks she could use? And what was she trying to achieve? I could see why Lincoln was concerned. It would be hell if MAMA ever sees it, which I was sure it would. News like that travelled fast, too fast.


I almost couldn’t beat to look at her when I went to confront her. I thought she was starting to look like mama, as in, I was sure mama might have used antics like that to get those men to marry her. I could feel goosebumps all over me. And it was a little sad too, I really loved her, at one point.


“But it was just a joke!” She protested. “I just wanted to be funny…”


But I did not want to hear her explain any longer. I knew never would I want to be with a gold-digger, which I think Penny had already displayed more than enough tendencies.

“Please take down that video”, I said coldly, “And we’re through!”


It was awful seeing her breakdown in front of me like this. It almost made me feel sorry for her, it almost made me want to retract my words and give us a second chance…


But I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Second chances, does it really exist? And if it does, who exactly deserves a second shot at love, and who doesn’t? Though I couldn’t dismiss the thought that it wasn’t Penny. She and I were through.

Goodbye, my first love.



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