Interlude: Joice – Homebody

Joice –

Hello! And if you’re one of those who discovered this blog because of Bolster Your Heart (That’s my new book btw, for those that don’t know), welcome!

My publisher called the other day, and guess what?! It had made the Bestselling list! I don’t know how to describe this incredible feeling to you all… actually I’m still trying to let it sink in. It was so unbelievable, that I dropped my phone (luckily the toilet was 50 meters away) the first time I hear it. I guess I came a long way, from getting $6 cheques to this.


(Louisa said hello!)

And also, to my loyal readers who had been following me since the days when it was just a crappy teen blog, I’m sorry for the infrequent updates. My first job was eating up all my time. FYI if I would to list my “titles” in order, that would be – 1. Mother, 2. Bestselling Author and lastly 3. Online Personality.



It’s amazing how motherhood can change you sometimes. And I guess I have my lovely girls to thank. šŸ™‚ Especially you, Zelda, back when it was all me and you vs the world. I guess it was when I made the conscious decision to give up pursuing internet fame for something that could actually put dough on the table. Which was why I tapped into my second *ahem* talent and started writing. I never looked back since.


And I’m proud to announce Joaquin and I finally bought our own nest, a lovely brownstone house in the Suburbs.I promise you guys I’ll do a house tour soonish, after I cleared up the clutter of toddler toys and unfolded laundry. šŸ˜›

It sounds silly but we both fall in love with it the first time the agent brought us for viewing, supposedly because it was snug and homely and it had ample space for the kids. I tell you it was THE perfect home to raise a family.


That being said, having children and getting married almost turned me into a homebody. You know, as you aged, you’ll mature and your priorities will shift… I supposed that was true for me, minus the aging bit. šŸ˜› Mind you, I’m not yet old, just *ahem* wiser.

And for some reason, I took up baking. Ever since I promised Zelda a pie for her school. One free bit of advice for new mums out there: hone your baking skills. You’ll definitely need it.


I would like to gush oh how delicious my first attempt at Operation Pie was, but nah, turned out it was pretty meh. Though that would not deter me in my pursuit for the perfect pie I promise. Hopefully in no time I will be popping out Simstagram-worthy pies!


And finally I would like to express a small thank you to Joaquin, Zelda and Louisa for sampling my creations, regardless of whether they were culinary masterpieces or not. I have to say you guys had been very encouraging in my quest for pie. šŸ˜‰



Pardon for ending this entry abruptly. Louisa was having another one of her tantrums (Man! She’s feisty!) which meant I should go entertain her. TTYL!




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