4.4. Rebound

Lance –

It has been a while. I knew Penny was a utter gold-digger and I knew it was good riddance, but… there was truth to the saying that heartbreak takes a while to heal. If I had been in love. Which I did.


Digressing, ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It seemed to be happening to me. Every damn time. Or maybe my gears had been on an overdrive.


That one time when some nincompoop stuffed a passive aggressive note in my letterbox. Who let him in? What the plum were the guards doing?! I better reflect it to the Management me thinks. Didn’t it advertise itself as The Best Apartment complex in the city?


Or that my recent drink making attempts turned out as noxious waste… I thought I was pretty decent in mixology. Plum!


Or that your cooking kept sticking itself to your pans. Goddamnit! I should have invested a wee more in those high-grade teflon ones. It wasn’t as if I couldn’t afford them. I wondered what I was thinking then.


And you knew you hit a home run with your misfortune when even your scary-yaki meal tried to burn you.

Why can’t things go right for a change?!

And when you thought things couldn’t go worse… your least favourite people decided to pay you a visit.


For a second I wanted to ignore the moment I saw her face on the intercom, but then I noticed another figure standing behind her. Mom. I rolled my eyes. Looked like I couldn’t not see Lucielle.

“Mom! I’m a little busy right now. Just help yourself in!”

Meh. It was her apartment after all. Of course she would gladly let herself (and Lucielle) in.


“Hello there Lance! I see you’ve been busy. Until you’ve no time to greet your ol’ mom!”


Rolling my eyes at the back of the head, I stood up. “Hey mom! Hey Lucielle! Just busy with my thesis.” I mumbled.

“Hello!!” Lucielle squealed, in her all-too-familiar high pitched voice.


“Do you mind Lucielle, if I have a moment with my son?”

“Sure! Ms Moonglow.” She answered sweetly and left the room. Leaving me alone with mom. Just wonderful. It was not as if I really loved her company, but it beats having a face-to-face with mom. Which was the epitome of unbearable.


“So… what are your plans now?” Mom began. Deep inside, I groaned. I knew she was getting started on her lecture yet again. And how I wished I had Lincoln beside me. He would know the exact answers to placate her. But in a surprising twist, he got engaged to Luna and they moved home. Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy for him, but yet I wished there was someone who could answer for me in unpleasant moments like this.


“I’m glad you have called things off with that basic bitch. She was never right for you, and never right for the family…”

My face fell instantly. Why on earth would mom think it was a good time to bring her into the conversation? It was a bygone relationship and just why couldn’t she let bygones be bygones? I don’t understand.

“Anyway, she would never bother you. I’d made sure…”


“Nothing.” She mumbled.

Though honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew the details to a T. I supposed rich people are resourceful like that and it wouldn’t be surprising if she had people becoming her eyes and ears.

“My point is, what do you think of Lucielle? You see, you’ll eventually need an offspring to carry on the legacy…”

“…And Lucielle’s an amazing girl. Great background, wonderful upbringing. She’s absolutely perfect really!”


I almost couldn’t stifle my laughter. Perfect? Who was she kidding? Or she really thought someone as shallow and vapid as Lucielle was perfect? Or perhaps it was absolutely true that birds of a feather flock together.

Birds of a feather indeed!

But on second thoughts, Lucielle at least looked amazing. And weren’t those stupid jocks kept teasing me on my single hood? Right, they would be so jealous if they knew I was dating a Stark. After all, didn’t she have hots for me too? So it wasn’t as if I was going against a will. And maybe, which I didn’t know how minute this maybe is, that we might work something out?

Who knows. But no harm if it was just a date or two right?


And I knew it would definitely keep her off my back.



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