4.6. A Chance to Love

Lance –

I swore Gia must have laughed her socks off when I told her I asked Lucielle for a date.

Admittedly, I never dreamt I would do such a thing. I mean, I’d never forgotten how we used to bitch about her in private. :X But again, I happened to be between dates and Lucielle seemed to be a nice option – both rich & pretty – if you’d overlook her blonde moments.

And perhaps, I did it to humour mom. I knew she was planning something. And I knew she was snooping.


Though for once, I won’t begrudge her for it. I mean, Lucielle was okay, when I decided to talk to her properly. True she was still being an airhead at times, but it wasn’t as unbearable as I’d thought.


Maybe I had judged her too harshly before?

Mom said what mattered most in a relationship was compatibility. You know, the usual deluge about right background and upbringing? Lucielle was extremely wealthy, despite not through her own merits. It was unlikely she liked me just because…

Compatibility. I could see where she made sense, after I broke things off with Penny. I was nothing but a conquest to her, for her to impress her tacky followers. And that I was her big ticket to wealth. (Did she really think I’m that blind to not see through her shenanigans?) That was not what I wanted in a relationship.


At least on that front, Lucielle seemed sincere. (Hey! I’m not that unfeeling you know?) I could tell she was clearly besotted the day she first met me. And I really appreciated that.

Our relationship progressed fast.


Though I wasn’t heads over heels in love. You know, the feelings of having butterflies in your stomach? I didn’t get that seeing Lucielle. But I did appreciate her company.


Perhaps there was nothing wrong with that. My previous relationship was extremely passionate, but it fizzled out soon after. Maybe a subtle, but lasting relationship had it’s merits too?

And that I was starting to love her…


* * *

Two years later…

I don’t get it but it seemed people around me were getting married. First it was Lincoln, and then a college buddy, and then… Can you imagine that? Lincoln got married first. I mean, I knew it was bound to happen since he got engaged with Luna like for a long while, but still… It kinda sucked feeling left out. Sibling rivalry maybe?


I had been thinking about our relationship. I didn’t know how certain I was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Lucielle, but I loved her (did I?) and I can definitely get used to it. I mean, don’t some couples get married first and then fall crazily in love after?

(Oh, and mom surely did her part in egging me to get hitched. Ever since Lincoln’s wedding.)

Getting married. It would be okay, wouldn’t it be?


Time nurtures love, right? If I give it a chance.



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