4.7. The Wedding

Lance – 

Mom was over the moon when I announced Lucielle and I were getting married. And my, and immediately, she sprung into action calling up all her contacts. As if she was the one getting married. I’d got used to her by now. She and her over-the-top behaviour.


Though for us, we just wanted our close family members in attendance, no more. Weddings should be private intimate affairs, shouldn’t they? Being over excited, Lucielle could not stop harping on it, insisting herself to be personally involved in the process. I just hope our wedding planner won’t think she’s a Bridezilla! She even insisted arriving early on the day itself to ensure the preparations were perfect.

Though of course, she found moments to sneak a kiss in between.


Surprisingly, grandmama was the first to show up. (Besides mom, who was here bright and early to dictate the whole set-up process.) I always loved my grandmama. She was one of the few of the sincere people remaining out there. Despite her advanced age, she showed no signs of slowing down. It was really good seeing her.

At times I was really envious of her and grandpapa. Till today she still spoke fondly of grandpapa, as if it was like all those years ago. I envied those old couples whose marriages stood the test of time. Perhaps that was what love really is. Withstanding the test of time.

Would I be able to accomplish the same?

* * *








“Pleased to welcome you to the family, Lucielle!”


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