4.8. Unexpected

Lucielle –

I hadn’t been feeling so great after our honeymoon.


I don’t know why I feel nauseous so frequently. It’s like anything can trigger my urge to puke. Like the other day, somehow I had the strong need to throw up just because I smelt some cheese that happened to disagree with my liking. (I blame it on Lance, he seemed to be so fond of cheeses.)


And I don’t understand my sudden increase in appetite. And that I get hungry too easily. It’s like breakfast as usual and then I would be hungry before lunchtime. And I have been eating more than usual. I don’t remember I used to eat that often, or that much food.


And even my clothes feel tight now. I knew I never had to squeeze into that skirt. It does not help that I keep craving for food and not exactly the healthy kinds either. The other day, I had the raging desire for some pancakes. Pancakes, can you believe it?! I felt so uneasy until I finally succumbed and cooked some. Strangely, the pancakes tasted so delicious and I can’t believe I had three helpings of them. Urgh! Pancakes are so fattening!


I know I should be watching my diet, else the dreaded weight gain, but… I think I developed food aversions, strangely, to food I used to enjoy. Like lobster thermidor, which used to be my absolute favourite. I had a mouthful the other day and somehow I just wanted to throw up. It’s like I suddenly couldn’t stand the smell of lobster anymore. It couldn’t be the lobster, could it? We had it air flown, fresh, every time.

Unless… the problem was with me?


The nausea was so bad one morning that I had to bolt out of bed to throw up. And worse still, I was feeling so bloated. I could see my belly ballooning out. It sucked.


After finally had enough of the nausea, I decided to call Roisin. Digressing, she is the loveliest mother-in-law one can have. She’s so sweet and always so patient with me. I knew I could depend on her. Especially now. I don’t want my daily routine to be consisted of eating and throwing up afterwards.


I told her my symptoms. She asked a couple of questions and then she said she had a hunch about what’s going on though she will be sending her physician over to check on me. Just to confirm.

I will be okay, right?


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