4.11. Home

Delia –


“Whew~!” I heaved a small sigh of relief. It’d almost been a long while since I last mixed a drink. I was glad that at least my mixing skills wasn’t as rusty as I thought it would be.


The last time I’d checked, I was already a great-grandma of two. I knew there was no way I could’ve pulled my old tricks with those bottles at this stage. You know, there’re so many things I had to mind like my old back.

How time flies!


A tinge of sadness overwhelmed me. Indeed, how time flies. How long had it been since Toby passed away?

To me, he never really left. Death was just a temporary parting, and I knew we would be reunited someday. Honestly, I was kind of anticipating that, but for reasons only Watcher knows, my time just wasn’t up. It was both a blessing and a curse.


I was grateful that I got to witness both of my grandsons getting married, starting families on their own. But again, every time I saw them embracing their wives, it reminded me too much of his absence. They just reminded me too much of how we used to be. I always got that acute sense of longing to be in his arms again…



I missed you, Toby.



I’d been spending quite a fair bit of time with Eleanor ever since losing Toby. It seemed she was the only person that I really felt close too. To be honest, the more I aged, the more I felt out of place in the city. It seemed the city belonged to youngsters like Lance and not old folks like me. I began to miss Windenburg, the place where I’d spent most of my youth at. And hanging out with Eleanor helped me relieve my memories of Toby. There were just so many stories of him that we would never get sick of trading. Like that one time he was too shy to ask me out. Somehow, I could sense she missed him as much as I do.


On days like these, we would go on long, slow walks around Windenburg. Talking about the past, reminiscing our youth. It felt good talking to someone who really understands.


Eleanor had been mentioning about moving back quite a few times now. Home, that was where she belonged. And since Johnny had passed away a few years ago, and her children have all fled the nest by now, there’s no where else she’d rather be. Somehow, that gave me an idea…




“I can’t believe it’s been almost sixty years…” Eleanor mumbled as she pushed open the doors of the old house. “It’s the same house Toby and I grew up in you know?”

I nodded. Indeed, this house had so many memories. Both the good and the bad. I bet it was even more so for Eleanor.

Toby had always maintained this old house even after moving to the city. He told me numerous times he was too attached to sell it. Though it was unbelievable someday we would be back here again.


“Anyway,” she teased, “what did Roisin say when you told her you’re moving back with me?”


Her face fell. “Mom! Why do you want to go back to Windenburg all of a sudden.”

“Tell Aunt Eleanor she’s more than welcomed here… You know, she can live with us..?”

“Windenburg has too many memories. I left them behind when I moved into the city. I’m a very old woman now, there is nothing more I wanted than to live out my remaining days reliving those memories… And I have Aunt Eleanor. Rest assured I won’t be lonely Roisin.”


“Promise you’ll visit often, mom!”


“I’m starving! Bless me for having such an appetite at this age.” She chirped, “Dinner for you too?”

“Sure! And I’ll go make the drinks!”



“Wow! That was delicious!” I complimented. I’d always lived under the impression Eleanor couldn’t cook more than grilled cheese, but it seemed her culinary skills improved leaps and bounds through the years.

She giggled. “Years of experience cooking for the family! Though I would say it pales in comparison to Uncle Kason’s.”


“Anyway, it’s pretty amusing don’t you think? That seemingly not too long ago, we were just two young girls…”


“Trying to figure out about life, trying to make our marks in the world…”


“Building our careers…”


“Falling in love…”


“Establishing our families…”

“And right now we’re sitting here as two old women, talking about life after almost having lived through ours. Like, where did all the time go?” She laughed. “God knows, if I have a time machine, there would be so things I would have done differently…”




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