4.12. Free

 Lucielle –


Don’t hate me for saying this, but you can’t imagine how great it feels to finally get the baby out of me. For starters, I finally got my life back. You know, the usual hanging out with friends and stuff? It was impossible to go out with that bulging belly, because my legs would be begging for mercy after like five minutes. And my back would complain too.

Oh how sweet the taste of alcohol is. After abstaining from it for so long. (Hey! I’m not that bad of a mother you know? I’m still concerned about my baby’s health.)


And I can finally go back to some good ol’ loving. Imagine the so many things we couldn’t have done with my bump in the way. Thankfully our relationship hadn’t take a nosedive because of it.


And for once, that hot tub looks appealing. It’s unimaginable to finally be able to get into the hot tub again. (Same ol’ reason of it being bad for the baby.)


Of course that calls for some good lovin’! 😉




I can’t imagine how long we have been holding back for.


Also, it feels great to be thin again. I was really afraid I couldn’t shake off the weight post-pregnancy, but it seems I was worrying for nothing after all. You can never imagine the joy I felt to be finally able to fit into my clothes again, without unsightly bulges showing. And I no longer had that weird craving for all things carb. Good riddance!


All in all, it’s an alright experience being pregnant but I really don’t think I want to do it again. I have never fancied children, to be honest. Imagine having my luxurious apartment being turned into a tacky toy land! I mean, babies can be cute sometimes, you know, when they’re sleeping soundly in their crib. But at times, they can be a pain. Like how they cry and pee and poop at whim? Especially during unholy hours like half past two? Gosh!


And Lance sleeps like the dead so guess who’s in-charge of the baby duties then? I can’t help but think I need my beauty sleep too!


Thank goodness the Watcher invented nannies! I mean, I still have feelings for my child, but sometimes I need a life too. I couldn’t be surrounded by vomit and soiled diapers all day, could I? Imagine the damage it would cause for my Chanels!


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