4.15. Third Time the Charm

Content Warning: I’m thinking of rating this chapter as for mature audiences only for the fact that it contains more steamy scenes than usual. 😉

Lance –

Dear Fiona, 


I never thought I’ll be able to fall in love again, until the day you barged into my heart. For the longest time, it had always been you, me, Gia and Aunt Joice. We just hung out together, like normal friends do, except that I didn’t have many chance to talk to you. I couldn’t comprehend why. Maybe it was the jitters, or maybe, I was just trying to spare a thought for Lucielle. Either way, it was a pity we never got closer.

Till now.


I won’t lie things between Lucielle and I got really ugly. Even though we agreed not to contest the agreement. It was just that I couldn’t bear myself to look her in the eye. After all that she’d done. I couldn’t even let her see our daughter; I always asked her to leave. Many times you told me to forgive and forget. But it seemed it was a lot harder than it sounded. Wounds needed time to heal I suppose.

To be honest, you weren’t the first person I would call, when I was in a dark place like that. I couldn’t think of anyone else at that time. Gia was away on her honeymoon and Lincoln was busy with a huge acquisition deal. I never expected you would pick up, or ask me out to cheer me up. But now I really couldn’t thank the Watcher more for the day I finally got to know you better. 😉


You’re always spontaneous, always easy going, always knowing the right ways to distract me from my misery. I don’t know how you managed to do that. I supposed it was magic perhaps? And that was what I loved about you the most.


You never failed to contaminate me with your enthusiasm. And your infectious personality. And some of your daredevil ways i.e. jumping off the diving platform. Just a tip: Diving is probably not your sport. Unless you somehow learnt to not land on your belly every time. 😛


But I guess it was alright, for it always give me a chance to laugh at you. Plum, that was hilarious really!


Though part of me felt somehow, you did it deliberately to cheer me up. Really, I couldn’t appreciate you more for it. I mean, I was all prepared to rot away in misery feeling very sorry for myself if not for you. You gave me the hope to be strong and live life again.

Also, you relight that fire in my heart. That I thought was long gone.


I confess my stomach was churning all along, just deliberating whether to make the first move or not. I mean, I still have doubts over was it too soon? Like, I had just gotten out of a marriage and I didn’t want us to be just a rebound relationship. I was almost afraid of getting hurt again. And I didn’t want to lose you.

Till my dying day I would insist I kissed you because I accidentally trip over a stone and somehow my lips landed on yours. And thank the Watcher you didn’t flinch. 

That moment my fears melted away. I knew you’re right for me. 😉















* * *

Fiona. She taught me how to love again.


There was nothing more I wanted than to wake up with her everyday. You know, just having her by my side would instantly lit my mood up. It had been so long since I had been head over heels with someone. And I think for once, I found somebody whom loved me back. For who I was.


That was all that I wanted. Even if I have to give up everything else. True love. Nothing could ever second that. Not even riches that I was so accustomed to.


Surprising, Fiona was fond of children. I never heard her complaining once that Arabella’s crying disturbed her sleep or something. I couldn’t appreciate enough. To love somebody else’s children like her own, I really don’t think I could find someone like her.


I brought her to visit my grandmother once. I could tell she was instantly entranced by her, judging from the fact grandmama embraced her like her own daughter. I guess that was the special thing about Fiona. She could make anyone like her instantly.



“So…” Grandmama helped herself down beside me when Fiona went to the washroom. “When are you intending to marry her?” She asked with a knowing wink.

“Grandmama!” I swore I almost covered my face in embarrassment.

“Embrace your feelings.” She said simply. “And just you know, you have my support on this one.”

“Thanks grandmama!”




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