4.16. Content

Lance –


I could tell how excited Gia and Lincoln were when I broke the news to them.

“Congrats!” They both screamed and they insisted to come and visit me the moment their planes touched down. It was almost like our teenage days, except that we were all married with children now. (Just you know, Gia told me a few days back she was pregnant. Oh how excited I was to be an uncle again.)

And they liked Fiona. That was all I need. Though breaking the news to mom remained a tricky subject. Nobody mentioned mom. It was too inconvenient a subject.

“So…?” Lincoln finally brought out the elephant in the room. “Have you told mom yet?” I didn’t answer. I supposed they understand my silence.

“You can’t hide from her forever. I mean, she will definitely find out. You know how she’s like.” I shrugged my shoulders. Definitely. As pragmatic as she was, I really had doubts she would accept Fiona, because of her background and everything. Mom and her compatibility nonsense. Guess what, Lucielle was the right background, right everything and guess what had become of us?

“Well, Lincoln and I could come with you…” Gia offered, “Not as if we can really do anything but perhaps, just perhaps we might somehow talk sense into her.”

“That’s what brothers are for right?”

“Thanks!” I smiled at them.


“Lance, what if your mother disapproves…”

“Hush… I pat her head. Silly girl, of course she would like you. Can’t you see almost all of my family already loved you to bits?” I reassured her. Though honestly, I didn’t know how convincing I sound. And I was afraid to know. I could only hope things would somehow sort out along the way, whist we appreciate every moment together.


Text from Gia: Lance! If Fiona’s pregnant then…maybe mom could not refuse on account of the baby? You know she’s dying for you to have more grandchildren. Just trying to help!

I couldn’t contain my laughter.

“So who’s that from?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Gia.” I rolled my eyes, “She suggested we have a child so mom couldn’t say no.”

Fiona giggled. “Actually, she make sense, don’t you think?” She winked at me.


* * *

Soon it was time for Arabella’s birthday. I couldn’t imagine how fast she had outgrown her crib. And that as a toddler now, I knew she would have her terrible two moments that I was seriously clueless about. Guess I should have caught up on Totally Preggers when I had time.


Thankfully, Fiona was pretty adept at handling babies. I wondered was she perhaps a babysitter in her previous life. Somehow she knew the right buttons to press to placate a boisterous toddler and I really had to hand it to her.


And probably, I should bury my head by now. I mean, I couldn’t even really take care of my daughter. I had told Fiona perhaps we should get a nanny to help her, but she wouldn’t hear of that. She insisted taking the role of Arabella’s caretaker. I mean, what did I do to deserve her?


“Good night, sweetie pie!” Fiona cooed as she tucked Arabella in her sheets. “Sleep tight.” She whispered as she kissed her forehead.


“Oww!” She berated me mockingly, “You almost give me a scare!”

‘Friad that I’ll wake Arabella up?” I teased. “Don’t worry, that girl sleeps like a log every time.”

“Anyway”, as I looked around the pinkish decor, “Where’s my Blicblock machine and all my man-toys?”


“In the storeroom! Apologies but they have to make space for Arabella’s things you know? It’s time she discovered her sacred space that’s nursery.”

“Ouch!” I joked, “It seems your affections have shifted huh? Should I be jealous of Arabella then?”

Fiona giggled. “Come here, big boy!” She teased in a mock-cooing tone, the same voice she used to sooth Arabella during her grumpy moments. “Arabella’s sleeping sounding now so how should I placate you?”

“You know!” I gave her a knowing wink and pulled her along.




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