4.17. Confrontation

Note: This chapter will be coming from a third person’s POV. And contains some curse words, so be warned!

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Swish… the water quietly gushes as it runs out from the faucet.

“How do I tell Lance about it?” Fiona thought to herself, barely paying attention to the tap that she had left running for a little too long. “What if he reacts badly? Or what if he straight out refuses…?”

She knew it was inevitable to happen, knowing they had been getting on like bunnies these days. But to actually break the news? Plum! Could the Watcher tell her a way to make things easier?

“You can do it…” She prepped herself and stepped out of the door.

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“Lance…” She said in a small voice as they were digging into their breakfasts.



He chuckled. “Cat got your tongue?” He asked, as he looked up from the salad bowl.

“I’m pregnant!!”

“Oh myy!!” He exclaimed, and squeezed her tight. “You’re saying I’m becoming a father again?”


“So…” He scratched his chin, “This is what you are hemming and hawing over the past 10 minutes?” He winked at her. I almost thought it was armageddon.

“You’re funny..”


“Sowwie!” She cooed at Arabella, as the toddler let out a small, cute-ish sounding whimper.

“Uh-ahh” Arabella gurgled playfully.

Fiona had been too lost in her thoughts that she almost didn’t realize she had squeezed Arabella too tight. Putting the toddler down, she paced absent-mindedly around the room. Lance had suggested that they should visit his mom soon. To make their relationship known, that was his words. All along, they had been keeping this from Roisin, almost too knowing of her reaction. Roisin would never accept a daughter-in-law that she finds incompatible, by her superficial terms, it meant she should be from an extremely wealthy and prestigious family, like theirs. A befitting accessory for the Society Queen. Lucielle fitted the bill. Fiona, unfortunately not.

But they could not go hiding forever. Roisin had to know. And hopefully, gave her blessings. But again, it was awful just thinking about it. Lance tried to reassure her. “My mama will like you too, just like Grandmama, Lincoln and Gia did.” But she could tell he almost didn’t sound convincing. Fiona had heard numerous tales about his “very evil” mother. From Lance and sometimes from Gia. She feared an abhorrent confrontation.


f4 11.34.24 AM.png

“So… do you guys know what’s Lance up to?” Roisin turned to her children. “It’s unbelievable he will want a family meeting like this.”


Lincoln and Gia looked at each other. They both knew too well what could this be about. They had met Fiona, and they liked her already. It was just their mom that she had to try get through. They promised Lance they will try to put in a good word, though inside, they knew somehow it might be futile. Roisin can be very stubborn on matters like this. From what they knew, their partners are from very compatible families, so no opposition on that one. Though for Lance…



“Mom. Lincoln. Gia”. Lance braced himself as he finally stepped into the room, with Fiona following behind. Instinctively grabbing her hand, he announced, “Fiona and I will be getting married…” He swallowed. He had blurted it out before the nerves got him better. It was always nervous trying to tell Roisin something. She was overbearing like that.


“Oh congratulations!” His siblings rushed to congratulate them, almost too readily. “I’m so happy you finally found someone you love…”

None of them looked at their mom. They did not want to.


“WHAT THE HELL??!” Roisin exploded, her face grotesquely twisted to match the anger boiling inside her. She was furious. How could Lance marry someone so beneath him? It took a while for her to admit things weren’t working out between Lucielle and him and she was already trying to arrange someone else for him. Daughters of the rich and famous no less. And she knew Lincoln and Gia knew what was going on, and they helped to keep it from her. How dare they!

“Lincoln, Gia, please get out now. I want to talk to Lance and that bi…” She swallowed. “I have things to say to them.” They shot Lance a sympathetic gaze as they stepped out of the room. They knew there was nothing they can do to help.


“So…” Roisin bolted up from her seat as soon as her other children were out. She turned to Fiona, wagging an accusatory finger. “I have met enough basic bitches like you.” She hissed coldly. “I know your tricks, and I know what you want. And NEVER, I mean NEVER will I accept someone like you into our family.” She really let Fiona feel her wrath. She felt she needed to put her in her place. And by doing so, she almost felt powerful.

“And if I were you, I would probably get my bags, leave Lance. Or I know I will see it coming…” She threatened icily. Fiona cowered back, not looking at her, not speaking.


“ENOUGH MOM!!” He could bear it no longer, to see his beloved being abused like this. He knew too well Fiona is not a conniving bitch unlike what his mom accused her of. And for her to insult Fiona as if she was one of those aspiring socialites in her stupid little society? He would not allow it. He promised to protect Fiona and he would see to it.


Roisin almost stepped back. Admittedly, his outburst took her by surprise. Being talked back, it was something she was not used to. In her societal circle, people around her worshipped her. Her words are unwritten rules. Nobody would dare risk offending “The Socialite”.

But she would not back down. Roisin never backs down in an argument.

“Has that sl*t bewitched you so much that you have lost your sanity?” Roisin shouted back. “I’ve seen more than enough girls like her. At the end of the day they are only after your…”

“No mom! Fiona’s not like that. Why can’t you just let go of your clouded judgement once and REALLY SEE?”

“And I did not come all the way to see you bully Fiona. I am marrying her, no matter what.” Lance stood up, grabbing Fiona, all prepared to leave. He could not bear to be in the same room as his unreasonable mom even for another second.

“Don’t you dare. If you insist being together with this bitch I’ll make sure I’ll ruin you.” His mom hissed warningly behind. “Don’t forget your cards, your apartment, your everything comes from me. You know you are nothing without me.” Roisin ranted on about the list of awful things she could do with her tremendous influence.


“I don’t need…” Lance shouted back. But before he could finish, another voice interrupted his.

“You will not, my dear.” Delia stepped in and proudly announced, interrupting her tirade. She had been informed beforehand and knew she had to make things right. Before her wayward daughter could make it worse.


“Congratulations.” She turned kindly to her grandson, “May you two be very happy together.”

“Thanks grandmama.” He hugged back.


“Mama!” Roisin shouted. She was obviously displeased that Delia would barge in and sing a different tune. Undermining her authority, something that displeased her greatly, even if it was her mom. “Please do not interrupt when I’m disciplining my son.”

“And you have no right to give away my money like that.”

“That is my money.” Delia answered simply. “Your dad left it to me and now I’m giving it to Lance.”



Delia was unfazed. She understood her daughter’s messed up ways and she would not be bossed around unlike one of Roisin’s “friends”. All along she had been a mere spectator, as Roisin go about with her waywardness, knowing there was nothing she could do to change that. But she would not tolerate her daughter subjecting her beloved grandson to the same twisted ways.

“Follow me.”

“What for?” Roisin retorted.

“You’ll see.”


Roisin followed her mom to the balcony, overlooking the city, where Tobias’s ashes had been laid to rest.

“Mama?” Roisin looked at her bewilderedly. “Why are you bringing me here…in front of daddy?” She could barely choke out the remaining words. Losing Tobias hurt a great deal, even till now, though she would never show it. She did not want people to see her in this fragile state.


“Read this.” Delia simply passed her daughter a diary. Tobias’ diary. “And you’ll understand.”



“So, what do you think?” Gia asked her brother as they discussed about today’s conversation. “Will mama finally wake up her idea and accept Fiona?”

“To be honest, I don’t know.” Lincoln shrugged. “Though I wished grandmama could talk some sense into her.”


“I couldn’t believe it. Why would daddy blame himself?”

Her mother said nothing.

Roisin could no longer hold back her tears. Reading her father’s diary, in fact, at the mere mention of Tobias had set her off. Delia had hit a sore spot. She could not believe that all along, that was what her father truly thinks. “I mean, couldn’t he have told me himself?” She muttered.

“But…” Roisin stammered. “I meant well. I always have the best intentions for Lance!”


“I understand.” Delia consoled her. “But he’s grown up now, and he has his own life to live. He has made his decision and we simply have to respect that. Believe me, it may be hard but I’m sure you can do it.”

“That is what your daddy wanted.”


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