4.19. Glided Cage

Note: This chapter will be told from a third person’s POV.


Trapped. That was what she felt.

By right she should be happy. She had married into one of the most affluent families. And she now lived in the most prestigious neighbourhood in the city. Best of all, Lance loved her. How many people would kill to have her lifestyle!


But she was not happy. It was a glided cage. How she wished life could be simpler. With just Lance and her. Who cared about riches or prestigious postal codes?

Moving in with Roisin wasn’t what she had envisioned. She hated to admit but she was miserable.


Moving back meant she had to be the primary caretaker of Arabella, again, whom had grown more boisterous and demanding as she aged. Don’t get her wrong, she loved the girl to bits, but at times she wished Arabella would go easy on her tantrums. It was a tough tough job comforting a grumpy toddler.


And she had to do the baby sitting properly, despite her own growing pregnancy, as to not incur the wrath of her ever-demanding mother-in-law. She felt like she was stepping on eggshells around her. She couldn’t help but doubt what Lucielle Stark said about Roisin in an interview. The sweetest, most caring in-law?? She begged to differ.


Like that one time she left Arabella along to play with her dolls for a minute, when untimely, Roisin happened to want to check on her granddaughter. She was not pleased.


“Why the hell would you leave her alone?” She screamed. “Arabella is just a helpless toddler!” Fiona was almost used to her meanness. Ever since she moved in, she couldn’t remember one time that Roisin actually looked at her properly.


“Excuses!” Roisin dismissed with a wave of her hand. “I know, she’s not your daughter, so you don’t want to make the effort.” She accused. ‘Not your daughter’ was probably the most common accusation thrown at her, second to ‘lazy’.

To be honest, she did not know why Roisin took on a such intense dislike towards her. Previously, she had admired Roisin, for being a successful and charitable woman. At least that was how every damn magazine all over the world presented her as. But it seemed she was getting a very different opinion of Roisin.


And even now, Roisin took away her only source of comfort. Lance. It seemed she knew Lance was very protective of her so she did all she can to keep them apart. She had persuaded him to assist Lincoln running Elphinstone Industries. “He could do with a trusted person helping him, and you know he trusted you most.”

“Furthermore, a man should have an established career.”

Let’s just say Roisin can be very persuasive.


Lance spent almost every moment he could with his increasingly pregnant wife, but now his attention had to be divided by work. Running a company wasn’t easy, let alone one with the size and scale of Elphinstone Industries. It was their father’s company, that Lincoln took over after his death. Admittedly, he did a great job managing it. And despite being brothers, Lincoln could be strict and demanding during work.


Lance would always remind his wife not to over exert herself, or mind her own pregnant belly, or let him know if Roisin is making her life difficult, but Fiona never said anything to her husband. She did not want to be seen as sowing discord. And perhaps, no bond is stronger than that between a mother and son right?


All she wanted to focus on was to be a good mother to Arabella.


And a good supportive wife.


And admittedly, Arabella had her tender moments too. Despite being (for a lack of better words) a pain in the ass. She swore her heart almost melted when one day Arabella randomly walked up to her and gave her a heart.

“The girl likes me.” She thought.


But she could not deny her pregnancy wasn’t easy as she wished. It was constantly giving her troubles, like back pain and bloatedness. And she never felt more tired than ever, especially juggling babysitting duties taking care of the demanding Arabella.

But she would not let it show. Especially in front of Lance lest he started worrying.


I mean, it was not uncommon to feel contractions, when the baby kicks. It could not be so bad right?



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