About the Moonglows

Gen 1: Rachel Moonglow 

Deceased – old age

Spouse: Kason Barber


Born with a silver spoon, Rachel had a harsh reality check when her beloved daddy passed away, leaving her nothing except their old mansion. From there, Rachel learnt to pick up the pieces and move on with life, vowing to restore the family to its former glory… Read her story here

Traits: Ambitious, Snob, Self-Assured

Source of Wealth: Simbook

Children: Tobias Moonglow (Heir); Leila Moonglow

Gen 2: Tobias Moonglow

Deceased – old age

Spouse: Delia Yeung


With a beautiful mind but a melancholic personality, Tobias saw the easel as his friend. His parents had worked the hardest to ensure he will have plentiful of simoleons to his name, something he needn’t fret about when pursing his dreams. However, was that really all he need..? Read his story here

Traits: Creative, Gloomy, Perfectionist

Source of Wealth: Painting

Children: Riona Moonglow; Roisin Moonglow (Heiress)

Gen 3: Roisin Moonglow Elphinstone Corleonesi Li

Spouses: Dan Elphinstone (div.), Tony Corleonesi (deceased), Robert Li (div.)


Love is dead. Money is infallible. These were the two ideas Roisin subscribed to, after an unfortunate experience earlier in life. She believed nothing mattered besides wealth and power, and schemed her way up to the top of society. However was she really satisfied, despite her basking in her presumed accomplishments? Read her story here

Traits: Genius, Snob, Evil

Source of Wealth: Divorce Settlements

Children: Lance Moonglow-Elphinstone; Lincoln Moonglow-Elphinstone; Gia Moonglow

Gen 4: Lance Moonglow-Elphinstone

Spouse: Lucielle Stark (div.), Fiona Summers


What is love? Lance found himself pondering over this question again and again. Attachment, desire, or…? He knew his only wish was to find The One and spend forever with her. Will he find his true love? Or will he be deterred by heartbreaks and abandon all hopes…? Read his story here

Traits: Goofball, Cheerful, Romantic

Source of Wealth: Inheritance

Children: Arabella Moonglow