Behind the Scenes

Featuring some screenshots that didn’t quite make the cut.

Random Thoughts

Ghosts of Roisin’s past πŸ˜›

Tony… Can you spot the fishy surprise inside? πŸ˜‰ And just f.y.i. most of my Moonglows knew the recipe for puffer nigiri… -creeps away-

Riona… She doesn’t seem to be afraid of torches and stuff tho.

Hiro. And for curiosity sake, Hiro and Riona did pass by each other. And no, they didn’t kiss or anything.
Roisin mourning Tobias, which I couldn’t fit into the story. Many of you will remember her as evil Roisin, so I thought I shall show you her ahem sentimental side.
This picture makes me go aww… πŸ™‚ That’s Kason btw!
Roisin hugging her grandmother Rachel. :’) I never thought I would be able to see her again. She died when I was playing another family, so I never got her urn, and so I thought she’s probably gone or something. πŸ˜₯ But then I saw her inviting Roisin to the Flea Market and I was like wow! Good to see you again Rachel! I’m sure so is Roisin. Yea, she’s pretty much an evil bitch but I can vouch she truly loves her grandma. πŸ˜› I mean, even evil Roisin has feelings too, sometimes. Here’s a pooper though: After I took the screenshot, Roisin said something (which I don’t know what it is) but it pretty much embarrassed Rachel. -_-|| Her ghost turned yellow and I was like “what have you done, Roisin!” Sometimes I just couldn’t leave her to her own devices. Or she would probably be mean to someone I didn’t want her to, like her parents. -_-|||
How Hiro really died. Ans: Poor quality pufferfish!

Mother & daughter in law sharing similar tastes in hats! Actually, I’m the one that’s loving the hat and I’m almost very sure future generations will also be wearing it… πŸ˜› (Also, a throwback of younger Rachel)

Pissed Roisin is pissed. And a (fiendishly) delighted Riona.
Roisin telling Riona how she exactly feels about her. Initially I wanted to caption this as not-so-innocent Roisin, but then I feel it’s understandable that she wants to (try and) fight back her nasty sister.
Rachel making a wish… Well I had Kason bake her a tiered cake and I put it in his inventory in case someone in the household ate it before I put the candles on. (Happened to Leila!) But when I took it out, I realized he had grabbed a piece of the supposed-to-be birthday cake. Which means poor Rachel had to make her own cake. Oops!
Sad Kason is sad…
Ouch my back! And Riona cheering for grandpa.
Kason’s birthday. And a very pregnant Eleanor.
Now you know who’s the one that initiated the proposal. πŸ˜›