4.22. Forget Me

This chapter will be told from a third person's POV. Ever since Fiona's unfortunate demise, Lance had regressed into a ghost of his former self. He had lost the spark, the vigour, the optimism towards life he once possessed. All he did was to mindlessly sit around the house, thinking about those happier times he… Continue reading 4.22. Forget Me


4.21. Happier Times

Lance - Dear Fiona, I still miss you. Everyday. It just doesn't feel the same. Without you. "And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie Is made up on your side" Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone Lyrics *** Think I'd told you everything under the sun, except… Continue reading 4.21. Happier Times

4.19. Glided Cage

Note: This chapter will be told from a third person's POV. Trapped. That was what she felt. By right she should be happy. She had married into one of the most affluent families. And she now lived in the most prestigious neighbourhood in the city. Best of all, Lance loved her. How many people would… Continue reading 4.19. Glided Cage

4.18. I’ll Concede…

Roisin - "Do I really have to?" I questioned myself as I stood below the apartment block. After our confrontation, Lance packed his stuff and vacated my apartment, without a second word. And according to my P.I (what do you think?) he had been staying in mama's apartment. With that b*tch Fiona no less. Ever since that… Continue reading 4.18. I’ll Concede…

4.16. Content

Lance - I could tell how excited Gia and Lincoln were when I broke the news to them. "Congrats!" They both screamed and they insisted to come and visit me the moment their planes touched down. It was almost like our teenage days, except that we were all married with children now. (Just you know,… Continue reading 4.16. Content