Random Thoughts

Warning: May contain spoilers

Just my erratic musings while writing the Moonglow story… I used to have end chapter notes as and when I had things to say, though somehow I thought it would be better to put all of them in one place (here!).


Author’s Notes

6/Dec: Where are my ghosts?!
Sometimes my sims died, when I wasn’t playing with the family, and I didn’t get their urns. (It happened with Rachel and Kason, and Rebecca.) 😥 But then it seemed they didn’t vanish from my game, like I still keep seeing them around, even sending texts or whatnot to my other sims. Like Kason congratulated Roisin for getting married or something. And sometimes I did saw their ghosts around… like that time Roisin and Tony were on a date, and I saw Kason and Rebecca at the same place. :O Though I just didn’t know where they come from. *shrugs* They must be somewhere right? *Hopeful eyes*

6/Nov: A sweet ending for Tobias! (Chp. 2.20)
As you can tell, Tobias (finally) reconciled with Delia, like it was meant to be. 😉 Here I have to confess I didn’t actually divorce them in game, but just moved Delia out like as if they had. Now you know why. 😛 And fyi, every heir/ess will start their story as a teenager, and then move aside for the next gen somewhere in adulthood, like how Tobias will be retreating from the story. Though be assured you’ll still see Tobias, just that the focus will no longer be on him. I’ll let him enjoy his (second) honeymoon with Delia. 😛

5/Nov: 😥 😥 😥 (Chp. 2.18)
Kason and Rachel had passed. 😥 While I was playing with Delia/Ariana. I kicked myself for this. I don’t even have their urns. 😦 But at least I could be spared of the grief of seeing them collapse. It would be awful witnessing their deaths, I think. I knew they were old, and I knew I prepared (somewhat) to lose them but still… 😥 You are both missed.

31/Oct: City Living!
I can’t wait for City Living! (Spoiler) Gen 3 will be moved closer to the city. I initially planned for Gen 5 to be the metropolitan generation, since I assumed I would probably be at Gen 5 when City Living gets released. The released date was earlier than I thought… Anyway, it was a welcome change for me. Gen 3 is intended to take place in Newcrest, since it looked city to me. It will be lovely they get to live in a proper city! If you like to know, they will still be keeping their Widenburg house. But legacy families usually have numerous properties heh. 😛 I can tell I’m impatient already! And feel free to guess which of the girls will helm Gen 3. 😉

25/Oct: Gen 2 – Sibling rivalry (Chp. 2.11)
Can’t we all get along? Unfortunately not! 😦 The sibling rivalry arc is put in place to develop the personality of the Gen 3 heiress. You will soon see (hopefully!) how instrumental the events, that arise because of this rivalry, is in shaping her last trait. Tbh, I’m excited to go to that part. I feel a little sorry for Tobias and Delia though, seeing that their marriage will sour because of it. But life ain’t always a bed of roses ya?

The writing process
I usually had the storyline thought out ahead of the game, which means writing the chapter before taking screenshots. Though sometimes unexpected in game events happen, and then I’ll try to fit the story with the screenshots. Basically there’s a lot of beating and bending until I get a somewhat coherent chapter. Believe me I take a lot of screenshots. But unfortunately only a handful of them make the cut. 😦 Partly it’s because not all will fit the story…and also laziness on my part to edit. 😛 Though I have a behind the scenes page up now, which I will be updating occasionally with screenshots that I kinda like, but sadly didn’t make it.