Where can I find..

This page is a work in progress. Sorry for the delay!

I do not create any content, unless otherwise stated… Which is probably never! I’m quite lazy. 😛

If it’s linked, just click on it to go to the download page. Or else, search for the Origin ID in the Gallery. Because I don’t know how to link from the Gallery, sorry!


  • Base sim – rachlrabbit 
  • Delia Yeung – deelightfulsimmer
  • Dan Elphinstone –
  • Tony Corleonesi – RoryPlaysTheSims

Family Homes:

I don’t remember the exact names of the houses I downloaded. 😦 So I linked the chapter(s) that they’d appeared in to give you guys an idea how they looked like.

  • Rachel’s Mansion – JillLind
  • Rachel’s Mansion (rebuilt) – dgsab
  • Tobias’s Penthouse –
  • Dan’s House – deligracy
  • Roisin’s Penthouse –
  • Roisin’s Penthouse (rebuilt) –
  • Roisin’s Penthouse (rebuilt again!) –

CCs: (TSR)

I will be just listing a handful of creators that I downloaded from often. Feel free to ask if you’re interested to know where to find a particular piece of CC. (If I remembered where tho. I’m too much of a CC addict to keep track of each and every piece of content.)

CCs: (others)

AdFly free! As far as I know.